Recontamination risks

  • Product design minimizes the risk of recontamination due to:
    • Hand contact with treated water or disinfected surfaces.
    • Contact between device components and contaminated surfaces.
    • Regular cleaning or maintenance.
    • External contaminants (insects, dust, dirt, etc. entering upper container).
    • Untreated water entering safe storage container.

Key indicators

  • Product design discourages users from dipping drinking vessels into untreated water container.
  • When maintaining or changing filter elements, untreated water is prevented from contaminating the safe water chamber.
  • If hand contact with the “clean” side of filter elements is inevitable (for maintenance or cleaning), residual disinfection may be necessary.

Supporting evidence

Girl dipping water from a storage conainer with a tin cup.

Woman putting hand storage container full of water.

Without a cover, insects and unwashed hands can recontaminate treated water. Photos: PATH.