Product status indicators

  • Users can confirm operational status without touching the HWTS device.
  • Required maintenance is clearly communicated to users.
  • Water levels in untreated and safe water containers can be confirmed without opening the device.

Key indicators

  • The device provides clear indication that water is flowing from upper to lower chambers.
  • Users receive clear indications that the device is improving untreated water quality (such as stained pre-filters indicating that contaminants are being removed).
  • Product malfunctions are immediately apparent:
    • Using flow-stop or flow-restriction devices.
    • Untreated water is prevented from contaminating safe water container.
    • The device provides a visual or audible indicator of malfunction.
  • Routine maintenance intervals are indicated to users:
    • A visual or audible indicator indicates when maintenance is required.
    • The product is provided with a calendar or other means to remind users when periodic maintenance is required.

Notes and exceptions

  • Operational status indicators can be visual, audible, or functional (such as flow restriction or diversion).

Household water treatment device in use.

Water levels are easy to confirm in this device. Photo: PATH.