Overall height

  • A low overall product height reduces the physical effort and coordination needed to fill a device. Overall height facilitates use by all household members, including children, handicapped persons, and the elderly.

Key indicators

  • The height a vessel needs to be lifted to fill the device should not exceed the median shoulder height of target users.
  • Overall height provides sufficient height of water over the filter element (head height) to ensure acceptable flow rates without exceeding overall height targets.

Notes and exceptions

  • Arm strength is reduced when an object is lifted above shoulder height.
  • Greater pour-over heights increase the risk of spillage, compromise ease of use, and may limit use by some household members.
  • Product height should account for the variability of placement locations, from floors to counters to furniture.
  • If a stand is included or assumed, it must be accounted for within the overall device height.
  • Users may rest the neck of the pouring vessel on the upper rim of the device. It may be beneficial to consider reinforcing this area.

Supporting evidence

Man holding an HWTS device steady while a woman pours water into it.

This container is at a comfortable height for filling. Photo: PATH.