Operational feedback

  • Users can easily confirm that the device is operating correctly and receive clear indication of any malfunction.
  • Users can determine remaining water levels and replenishment needs without opening the device.

Key indicators

  • Clear indicators for operational status (processing/not processing).
  • Clear indicators for functional status (working/not working/needs attention).
  • Water level indicators.
  • As replacement interval indicators, flow limiters are preferred to shutoff devices, which may trigger product abandonment.

Notes and exceptions

  • Operational indicators may be visual or audible (e.g., dripping sound).
  • Device malfunctions or maintenance needs should not increase risk of exposure to pathogens or contaminants. If malfunction (such as a untreated water leak or depleted disinfectant) increases risk of exposure to pathogens, then the device should divert untreated water away from the safe water container or otherwise prevent use until the condition is corrected.