Initial setup and first use

  • Initial setup and first use of the device provide a positive experience that meets or exceeds user expectations.
  • The initial setup experience promotes consistent and correct product use.

Key indicator

  • Design attributes contribute to positive setup and first-use experiences:
    • Device requires little or no assembly prior to first use.
    • Setup process requires little or no user assistance.
    • Design eliminates opportunities for assembly errors (can only be assembled one correct way).
    • First batch of treated water is potable and has no disagreeable flavor, odor, or appearance.
    • Setup instructions are presented graphically on product packaging and components.

Notes and exceptions

  • Users' experience of initial setup and first use confirms or rejects user expectations for the device and subsequent behavior toward water treatment. The experience needs to be consistent with the value proposition (including marketing communication and sales messaging) and meet or exceed consumer expectations.

Two women on a mat assemble a household water treatment device.

Users need a positive experience with initial setup and first use. Photo: PATH.