FMCG batch treatment time

  • The total time required for a fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) to produce 10 L of safe drinking water.
  • Treatment time includes necessary process tasks such as filtering, stirring, settling, and decanting.

Key indicators

  • Minimum treatment time is not less than the manufacturer's recommended treatment time for a given disinfectant.
  • Consumers value shorter treatment time so long as it does not adversely affect efficacy.

Notes and exceptions

  • Time to treat affects willingness to pay less than product type (durable or FMCG).
  • Some FMCG products require substantial processing steps by the user such as stirring, settling, decanting, or filtering.
  • Most chlorine disinfectants require a minimum of 30 minutes treatment time to be effective. Guideline does not supersede disinfectant-specific constraints.
  • Pictorial images of instructions for batch treatment are critical for illiterate and multilingual communities.
  • Images of time can be depicted as digital or reflective of a common time device such as a cell phone or stop watch screen.

Supporting evidence