Fit in home environment

  • HWTS product design incorporates attributes appropriate to the user’s environment.
  • Perceived user value at the point of purchase is consistent with use experience over time in the household.
  • Product can be customized to fit the user's home environment.

Key indicators

  • Product does not require a connection to:
    • Electric supply.
    • Piped water supply.
  • Device can be set up, operated, and maintained without the need for tools, written instructions, or outside assistance.
  • Device can be located anywhere in the house.
  • No water is spilled when filling, operating, or dispensing water from the device.
  • Replacement parts and repairs are available locally.
  • The product can be operated in low-light conditions.
  • Product performs consistently in the foreseeable range of operating environments (heat, humidity, dryness, dust, etc.).
  • Users do not perceive product as a significant theft risk.

Notes and exceptions

  • Households may not have tables, shelves, counters, or stands where products can be placed. Available space may be limited.
  • Daily cleaning is a behavioral norm in Indian households. Compliance with other cleaning frequencies (weekly, biweekly) should not be presumed.
  • Functional indicators (fill level, malfunction, and required maintenance) should be able to be seen in low-light conditions.
  • Product is adapted to high dust or dirt environment (e.g., designed with minimal crevices for lodging of dirt particles).