• Durable HWTS devices offer two years of service life for a representative family. Product safety (due to leaks or worn fittings, for example) is not compromised by normal wear over the two-year product life.
  • Product appearance (external surfaces, decoration, and transparent components) is not significantly degraded over service life.
  • Products and components pass durability and drop tests, as established by conditions within user households.

Key indicators

  • Durability test protocol defined.
  • Durability test results.
  • Drop test results.

Notes and exceptions

  • Durability test criteria required for:
    • Taps.
    • Interconnect fittings.
    • Interconnect seals.
    • Upper and lower containers (abrasion resistance and impact resistance).
    • External surfaces (abrasion resistance, staining, color fade, and UV resistance).
    • Flow limiters/diverters, end-of-life indicators.
    • Structural features (feet, handles, flanges, tabs, and stops).

Supporting evidence

Close-up of an HWTS device and its spigot.

Devices must withstand considerable wear and tear. Photo: PATH.