Day-to-day use

  • Product design features reinforce positive user behaviors leading to consistent, correct, and habitual use of HWTS products.
  • Durable HWTS products continue to meet user expectations in terms of performance, durability, and perceived value over their design life.
  • As devices or replaceable treatment components reach the end of their design life, treated water quality remains above untreated water quality.

Key indicators

  • Users find products easy and convenient to fill, operate, clean, and maintain.
  • Product functional status is clearly communicated to users.
  • Product performance (flow rate, treated water aesthetics) remains acceptable to users over product life cycle.
  • Product provides acceptable performance regardless of variations in input water quality.
  • Product is durable (requires little or no repair over life cycle beyond regular maintenance).
  • Actual operating costs meet user expectations (at purchase).
  • Replacement parts and service are readily available if needed.

Notes and exceptions

  • Positive user experiences established during product setup and initial use need to be maintained (or exceeded) consistently over the product's life cycle.

Person holds a dirty pre-filter.

This photo shows a dirty pre-filter. When users’ experiences become negative or neutral, they will likely stop using the device. Photo: PATH.

A disassembled household water treatment device and some cookware in the corner of a room.

Use was discontinued after a pre-filter became unacceptably dirty. Photo: PATH.