• Ceramic materials used in water containers and/or filter elements meet quality control standards and pose no health risks to users.

Key indicators

  • All materials in contact with drinking water for a drinking water treatment unit should comply with NSF Standards 42 and 53.
  • Ceramic materials (including glazes and treatments) in contact with water meet US Title 21 CFR Part 174.5 and 174.6.

Notes and exceptions

  • Ceramic components are familiar and may appeal to first-time users who will later upgrade to more effective devices.
  • Ceramic filter elements provide minimal microbial protection and may not meet log reduction value (LRV) effectiveness targets.
  • Ceramic filter element efficacy must be balanced against tolerable flow rates. The fragility and weight of ceramic containers and filter elements add to distribution costs.
  • Ceramics are difficult to control for quality and consistency.

Supporting evidence