• Users need minimal assistance (e.g., a pictorial guide) to discover the correct assembly/disassembly process for the device.

Key indicators

  • The product should only be able to be assembled in one correct way.
  • The product assembly/disassembly sequence is clearly communicated through product design elements such as component shape and color.
  • The number of parts/components requiring disassembly is minimized.
  • Assembly and retention forces are low but sufficient to provide robust connections between components.

Notes and exceptions

  • User research study participants in India commonly ignored printed assembly instructions when first assembling durable HWTS products.
  • Parts that should not fit together should be obvious mismatches. Parts that fit together should be indicated by their shape, color, relative size, patterns or other obvious features.

Supporting evidence

Woman assembles water treatment product.

Product assembly can be confusing for users. Photo: PATH.