Advocacy at every step

Advocacy at every step

At PATH, advocacy unlocks innovation to save lives

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Photo: PATH/Evelyn Hockstein

The Journey of Innovation: advocacy at every step

To move from a good idea to a lifesaving tool, every health solution must travel through many steps: Design. Testing. Introduction. And more. At PATH, we call this the Journey of Innovation.

The road can be hard. Too often, promising solutions stall along the way.

That’s where PATH comes in. From laboratory scientists to market strategists, our experts help vaccines, drugs, devices, and other health solutions overcome roadblocks to reach more people, more quickly.

Advocacy is vital to that process. Because it isn’t just design features or scientific gaps that block potential. Policy barriers also present obstacles. At every step—from smart concept to widespread use—PATH’s advocates bring together the resources, people, and policies to navigate those challenges, unlocking innovation to save lives.

Here, we’ll show you how. Every step of the way.

The Journey of Innovation

Devise and test solutions: Design, test, adapt, and validate solutions until they are tailored for the unique geography, economy, and culture of the communities in which they will be introduced.

Navigate challenges to acceptance and use: Help solutions through regulatory processes, global and national approvals, and other policy steps so they can be broadly used, marketed, and financed.

Support communities in adopting solutions: Collaborate with country leaders and community partners to support smooth introductions of new programs or technologies to local and national markets. Or, if a solution has already been introduced, increase its visibility and use.

Scale widely to meet global needs: Mobilize partners to accelerate the spread of lifesaving innovations—allowing them to reach more people and achieve the greatest impact possible.