PATH supporter Lora Kaiser and her young son, Davis.

Lora Kaiser and her son, Davis.

Partnering with PATH for healthy children

Lora Kaiser’s son is lucky, she says. Four-year-old Davis drinks clean water and eats three healthy meals—and a few snacks—each day. He sleeps in a warm bed every night. He gets regular vaccinations. When he’s sick, he gets good medical care.

It’s his good fortune that prompted Lora to find a way to help children who don’t have these same simple luxuries.

Without access to clean water, vaccines, or adequate health care, millions of kids in the developing world die each year from illnesses that are preventable. Lora, who lives with her family in Folsom, California, supports PATH because we’re reaching many of these children with solutions.

While Lora believes it’s important to show Davis how to impact change in their own community, she says it’s equally important to think about women and children on the other side of the world who they likely will never meet. And that’s why she chooses to give to PATH.

“I can’t be there to feed those children, shelter them, or help them the way I can with my son and in my community. PATH is my partner in global health. They reach people, families, children, who I can’t reach myself.”

Lora is acting on her commitment by challenging others to support the work that inspires her. Along with more than a hundred other donors, she’s matching gifts made to PATH through the end of the year. With Lora’s support—and yours—children in the world’s poorest communities have a chance for fortunate futures, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Lora Kaiser.