PATH visitors sitting outside with a large group of village residents.

PATH Journeys travelers join the communities, leaders, and staff saving lives at the frontlines of global health. Photo: PATH/Sanjay Kumar Chauhan.

Innovation can change the world. See what it takes.

“It's one thing to read about PATH's innovative programs; it's far better to see firsthand the translation of great ideas into positive, real-world solutions.”
—PATH Journeys traveler

PATH Journeys, our international travel program, gives select participants an exclusive window into the work of a leading global health organization.

Each trip is a rare opportunity to explore a country deeply, see PATH’s cutting-edge approaches, and meet the people whose lives we are helping to change. You’ll see areas few tourists visit, talk directly with decision-makers and thought leaders, and gain an in-depth view of our work. Join us for a week—and become part of a lifetime of change.

Upcoming trips

Our 2015 program includes visits to two growing centers of health innovation.

Five kids leaning together with their hands on their knees.

In Kenya, Journey travelers will follow the trail of health innovation from the lab to village health clinics. Photo: PATH/Gabe Bienczycki.

Kenya (June 14–21, 2015)
Follow the trail of health innovation, from the laboratory bench to a village clinic, and learn how PATH is saving lives and improving health in Kenya’s poorest communities. Highlights of this trip include peeking into the development of the world’s first malaria vaccine and observing the many ways PATH is helping children thrive—from innovative solutions to malnutrition to a school-based program that’s improving hygiene. You will also meet some of the nearly 4 million Kenyans who have been reached with dramatic improvements in care for HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and maternal and child health.

South Africa (October 4–11, 2015)
Travel to an exciting new source of global health innovation. South Africa is the perfect illustration of both the tremendous need for health breakthroughs and a country’s growing potential to develop them. Highlights include visiting PATH’s first Global Health Innovation Hub, witnessing such lifesaving tools as human milkbanking, and meeting families who are receiving the support they need to overcome the challenges of AIDS. From preventing HIV transmission to newborns to empowering mothers to give their babies the best start in life—you’ll see how PATH’s work is shaping the physical, intellectual, and emotional health and development of South Africa’s children.


To learn more about this invitation-only opportunity, please contact:
Jenny Andrews, program leader
Tel: 206.302.4565