Meeting our meningitis commitment

Our president and CEO Steve Davis attended last month’s annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), President Clinton’s mission to bring global leaders together to commit to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Steve moderated a panel discussion on designing for impact. He also made a short video on our progress toward fulfilling one of PATH’s CGI commitments: to introduce a vaccine against deadly meningitis A in sub-Saharan Africa. Watch Steve’s video to see how we’re doing.

Video: courtesy of the Clinton Global Initiative.

This fall, four more countries will introduce the vaccine: Benin, Ghana, Senegal, and Sudan. Meanwhile, Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria will continue vaccination campaigns begun last year. We’ll let you know about their progress this winter. In the meantime, catch up on the inspiring story of the Meningitis Vaccine Project, the collaboration that led to the first vaccine developed specifically for Africa.

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