Woman holding a Woman’s Condom.

Women’s and girls’ health

Next-generation family planning tools


Create new contraceptive options that empower the estimated 225 million women worldwide who want to avoid pregnancy but do not use or have access to modern contraception.


Access to the right contraceptive can change a woman’s life. PATH and our partners created and championed three new family planning solutions: Sayana® Press, an all-in-one injectable contraceptive that is easy to use, transport, and distribute; the single-size Caya® contoured diaphragm with a design inspired and informed by input from women and health care providers; and the Woman’s Condom, a new female condom that offers dual protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Woman holding a Sayana Press injectable and speaking to another woman.
A village health worker in Uganda counsels a patient on family planning before administering the new injectable contraceptive called Sayana Press.

2015 impact

  • Nearly 275,000 doses of Sayana Press were administered in four African countries through country-led partnerships coordinated by PATH. Nearly 75,000 of the women reached had never used modern contraception before. Hundreds of women in Senegal and Uganda also took part in studies on self-injection. Early results indicate that most women can successfully administer the contraceptive themselves, potentially increasing women’s control of and access to family planning. Sayana Press self-injection was approved by the United Kingdom’s regulatory authority, and several European Union countries have also approved self-injection.

  • Caya became the first new diaphragm design to enter the US market in more than 50 years. Its one-size-fits-most design was developed and refined by PATH and our partners through nearly 200 prototype designs. Caya is now available in more than 25 countries, and work continues to bring this new contraceptive option to additional countries.

  • The Woman’s Condom achieved prequalification by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Population Fund, a critical step toward increasing access worldwide. A PATH-led product development partnership paved the way for increased manufacturing capacity and regulatory approvals needed to expand access to new markets. The Woman’s Condom is now being introduced in African countries.

Sayana Press is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.; Caya is a registered trademark of Kessel medintim GmbH.