Three community health workers in Test4Life aprons, one holding a toddler.

Malaria elimination

A spectrum of solutions to end malaria for good


Eliminate malaria, a disease that claimed the lives of more than 400,000 people last year—mostly African children under age five.


PATH is a global leader in the battle to control and eliminate malaria. We bring an array of innovations to the fight, including an unparalleled portfolio of malaria vaccine candidates and community-level strategies to detect, track, and treat every last case of malaria transmission. Through our Center for Malaria Control and Elimination, we harness our scientific expertise, global partnerships, and on-the-ground experience to pursue a singular goal: a world without malaria.

Three men sitting outside, one using a mobile phone.
Data collectors in Zambia walk from house to house gathering real-time data on malaria cases and transmitting the information by mobile phone to improve tracking and treatment of the disease.

2015 impact

  • The first malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S, has been recommended by the World Health Organization for a pilot implementation program in sub-Saharan Africa following a positive opinion from European regulators on its use in children. PATH and our development partner, GlaxoSmithKline, worked together with other collaborators for 15 years to develop RTS,S. If the program is fully funded and RTS,S licensed for use, it would also be the first vaccine against a human parasite.

  • In Zambia, our groundbreaking approach to eliminating malaria—building a high-quality disease surveillance system, testing for and treating the disease, and using mass treatment campaigns to treat whole communities—has proven so successful that Zambia is making it a central feature of its nationwide elimination program. One-quarter of the nation’s health facilities now use rapid data reporting via mobile phone to improve malaria tracking and treatment.

  • Our manufacturing partner, Sanofi, shipped 51 million antimalarial treatments—made with a semisynthetic form of artemisinin—to 23 African countries. PATH and our partners developed the new form of artemisinin to ensure a more stable source of this key ingredient in malaria treatments.

  • Health officials in six African countries are using real-time data to improve the quality of malaria case management through an innovative electronic data system developed and launched by MalariaCare, a PATH-led partnership.

  • PATH accelerated the development and availability of high-quality diagnostic tests that can detect low levels of malaria infection and asymptomatic cases, in addition to tests that make it easier to cure malaria.