Newborns and infants

To help the youngest children get off to the strongest possible start in life, PATH advanced interventions and strategies to protect children from illness and promote good nutrition. Below, read about four highlights of our work in 2011.

Two-in-one approach tackles the biggest killers of children

Innovation: PATH worked with the ministries of health in Cambodia and Vietnam to update national policies for preventing and treating diarrheal disease, improve reporting and training systems, and promote an integrated package of proven interventions. Cambodia’s policy also integrated pneumonia prevention and treatment strategies to address the two biggest health threats to young children.

Impact: Cambodia is now one of the few countries allowing village health volunteers to supply oral rehydration solution (ORS) and zinc treatment to families whose children are suffering from diarrhea. PATH is leading a pilot project featuring the two-in-one approach in Cambodia’s Kampong Thom Province, where severe cases of pneumonia and dehydration due to diarrhea have declined. Vietnam added zinc and low-osmolarity ORS to its essential drugs list, ensuring that these lifesaving interventions will be free to the public sector and covered by medical insurers. Innovation Funding

Encouraging healthier breastfeeding policies in South Africa

Our work with South African partners to promote a suite of evidence-based infant and young child nutrition interventions contributed to a dramatic policy shift, with the minister of health announcing a new policy to encourage exclusive breastfeeding, including among HIV-positive mothers. Innovation Funding

Reaching Indian children with vaccines

By getting children, vaccines, and health workers together at the right time and place, PATH helped increase demand for and improve the quality and reach of routine immunization services in India. In less than two years, “jungle health camps” and other innovative strategies helped push the percentage of fully immunized children from 37 to 55 percent in 28 target districts. Innovation Funding

Advancing access to rotavirus vaccines

PATH provided critical support to the GAVI Alliance’s efforts to introduce lifesaving rotavirus vaccines in Sudan—the first of at least 15 national rotavirus vaccine rollouts planned for Africa in the next two years.

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