Our individual supporters: delivering on the dream

The most pressing health issues of our time demand a powerful response: solutions that are smart, affordable, effective, and tailored to the settings where they are needed most. We are immensely grateful to the individuals whose support allows us to pursue these bold ideas.

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In 2011, nearly 1,700 individual donors, family foundations, and corporations partnered with PATH by providing flexible financial support, contributing $1.9 million toward the development of life-changing solutions. These gifts are a relatively small percentage of our total budget, but they are disproportionately powerful. Channeled primarily through our Catalyst Fund, they provide “innovation funding” that is essential to our ability to dream big.

Many of the 2011 achievements highlighted in this report might not have been possible without flexible funding from our community of supporters. Consider just three examples of how our donors are changing thousands of lives, with impact stretching around the globe and across the life span:

  • In South Africa, gifts to the Catalyst Fund supported two projects that helped pave the way for a new national nutrition policy promoting exclusive breastfeeding, including among HIV-positive mothers.
  • Funding from individuals has enabled us to fight malnutrition by moving our Ultra Rice® fortification technology forward at several key stages, including supporting our first steps into Brazil’s commercial market.
  • In Cambodia, contributions from our donors allowed us to train health workers to prevent and treat diarrheal disease and pneumonia—the two biggest killers of children.

Innovation funding from individuals is a key ingredient in transforming good ideas into global health solutions and delivering on the dream of a world where health is within reach for all. We thank our donors for making it possible.

A partnership to transform global health

Support from our donors is at the core of our success. PATH’s strong leadership position in global health and our 35-year history of delivering effective health solutions help ensure that we use your gifts in the most effective way possible. It’s a partnership powerful enough to take on health problems some have said are beyond the world’s reach to solve.

For a full report on PATH’s use of private support in 2011, see our report to contributors. Together, we are proving that new resources and fresh thinking can spark breakthrough solutions that save lives and transform global health. Thank you for standing with us!

Ultra Rice is a registered US trademark of Bon Dente International, Inc.