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Solutions on the ground

PATH’s work spans a spectrum of innovative health solutions. From April through June, our staff in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe moved these tools into the hands of those who need them most.


Reaching communities through pharmacies

PATH helps pharmacy staff expand their technical knowledge and enhance their counseling skills to better serve clients. In Vietnam, an evaluation of newly trained pharmacy staff shows a four-fold increase in the percentage of clients who receive proper counseling on emergency contraceptives. In the Eastern European country of Georgia, PATH adapts materials to help pharmacy staff counsel vulnerable populations, including youth, on HIV and refer them to health care services.

Innovation fundingCare for TB and HIV, together

Across Tanzania, people who have HIV and TB are receiving integrated counseling and testing for both diseases in more than 800 public and private health care facilities. With PATH’s work and that of our partners, patients with multidrug-resistant TB are receiving diagnosis and treatment services.

Pharmacist and customer.


Support for mothers and newborns in India

Since 2007, PATH’s Sure Start project has helped mobilize rural communities and establish more than 6,850 “mothers’ groups” in the state of Uttar Pradesh. One of many Sure Start activities, the mothers’ groups reach more than a half-million pregnant and nursing women and their mothers-in-law with information about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and government programs that support health.

Bar graph.


Innovation fundingCambodia vaccinates nearly 85,000 children

Cambodia completes vaccination of almost 85,000 children against Japanese encephalitis, a debilitating viral infection. For the second year, PATH also brings the vaccine to North Korea, where nearly every eligible child under seven years of age in five target provinces and the city of Pyongyang has been vaccinated.

Innovation fundingLeading malaria vaccine candidate advances

The large-scale, phase 3 clinical trial of the world’s leading malaria vaccine candidate completes enrollment of 8,900 participants. In all, more than 14,000 are enrolled by year’s end. Initial results of the study of RTS,S, the most advanced project in the Malaria Vaccine Initiative’s portfolio, are expected in late 2011. WHO indicates that, if all goes well, it could recommend the vaccine as early as 2015.

Children in line.

Photos: PATH/Ngo Thi Than Thuy, PATH/Vivien Tsu.