Letter from the President and Board Chair


We are pleased to present PATH’s 2009 annual report. We hope you will enjoy this year’s shorter and more innovative approach to highlighting our recent milestones.

The world is entering a pivotal time in global health. Never before have we seen such tremendous political and financial support. And never before have we faced—indeed, set—such high expectations. In 2015, when progress toward the Millennium Development Goals is assessed, we will clearly see whether the global community had the will and capacity to solve the greatest health challenges.

As we enter a new decade—and, in Seattle, a new home for our headquarters—PATH’s capacity and resolve to meet these challenges is greater than ever. Our achievements are saving lives today and signaling even greater promise for the future.

The strength of our partnerships has been the cornerstone of our progress and impact. Your collaboration and support are central to our work, and we are grateful for your continued commitment to global health. Thank you.


Elias signature

Christopher J. Elias, MD, MPH
President and CEO

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Molly Joel Coye, MD, MPH
Chair, Board of Directors

Christopher J. Elias.

Dr. Christopher J. Elias

Molly Joel Coye.

Dr. Molly Joel Coye