India vaccinates millions of children against Japanese encephalitis

PATH helped countries across Asia—including Cambodia, China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka—reduce the toll of this debilitating viral infection. In India, the project vaccinated 16 million children in 2009 and more than 60 million children over the project’s six years.

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Six days per week, more than 60,000 Indian children receive nutrient-rich Ultra Rice® in free school lunches

PATH has found a way to increase nutrients in the staple food of more than half of the world’s population—and it doesn’t require people to change their purchasing and cooking habits.

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Staff from more than 700 pharmacies learn to strengthen their role in providing primary health care

PATH has worked in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to build the capacity of pharmacy staff.

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Ultra Rice is a registered trademark in the United States of Bon Dente International, Inc.

Map of Asia, including cities where PATH has offices.

In Asia, PATH operates offices in Cambodia, China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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