Message from the President and Board Chair

We are pleased to present PATH’s 2008 annual report. As the following pages show, PATH is making substantial progress in our effort to bring health solutions within reach of those who need them most. Over the past year, we moved forward with innovation, introduction, and integration of health interventions in many of the world’s most resource-challenged settings.

This year’s report centers on the theme of solutions, illustrating how our programs work to translate the world’s knowledge, skill, and capacity into solutions that truly meet the needs of the communities we serve. This focus allows us to advance essential, lifesaving solutions, from vaccines that protect the world’s most vulnerable populations to interventions that save the lives of mothers and their young children.

In 2008 our organization continued to grow to meet global health needs. Over the year, we added more than 250 new staff members, bringing our total staff to almost 800 worldwide. Donor funding also increased substantially. Our growing human and financial resources are bringing more opportunity—and responsibility—to lead efforts to improve global health in the years ahead.

We are grateful for your interest and support. Especially in times of economic hardship, we value our opportunity to contribute to the common good. Thank you for being part of this great endeavor to bring innovative health solutions to the least fortunate among us.


C. Elias signature
Christopher J. Elias, MD, MPH
President and CEO

V. Cordeiro signature
Vera Cordeiro, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

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C. Elias
Christopher Elias

V. Cordeiro
Vera Cordeiro