PATH is proud to be a member of many dynamic campaigns and associations. This following list represents just a few:

Executive Alliance

Executive Alliance is a nonprofit membership association serving Puget Sound. It promotes the value of nonprofits through positive public image, adequate funding, and active involvement of nonprofit leaders in community planning and public policy development. The membership represents the spectrum of nonprofits, including human services, arts, housing, environmental, and public policy organizations.

PATH's membership in the Executive Alliance gives us a venue for connecting with other Seattle-based nonprofit organizations and finding common ground on matters of the day. Through the alliance, we also have the opportunity to join our local peers in advocating on issues that directly affect our ability to successfully pursue our mission.

Global Health Council

PATH joined the Global Health Council in 1981. The Global Health Council is the world's largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives by improving health throughout the world. The Council works to ensure that all who strive for improvement and equity in global health have the information and resources they need to succeed.

Membership in the Council provides PATH the opportunity to create strong linkages with our colleague global health institutions and raise the visibility of global health issues. It also enables us to further public policy and advocacy goals shared by PATH and the Council. For more information, see the Global Health Council's website.

Global Health Technologies Coalition

The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) is a diverse group of nongovernmental organizations uniting to advocate for accelerated development of health solutions for developing countries. Recently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the GHTC works to educate US policymakers about the benefits of new vaccines, microbicides, drugs, diagnostics, and devices to improve health in poor countries around the world. The GHTC does not advocate for any specific diseases or devices, but rather for policies and resources that advance the goals of global health research and development more broadly.

As secretariat of the GHTC, PATH convenes and coordinates an active constituency composed of more than 25 nonprofit organizations from the global health community. Coalition members work in partnership to increase awareness and leadership about the need for policies and resources to accelerate development and delivery of global health technologies. Read more about the Global Health Technologies Coalition.

Global Impact

Global Impact is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the poorest people on earth. It represents more than 50 of the most respected US-based international charities in workplace giving campaigns across the nation. Each year, Global Impact and its member charities touch more than 400 million lives in virtually every developing country through disaster relief, education, health training, and economic programs that promote self-sufficiency.

PATH was selected to join Global Impact in 2005. Membership increases our visibility nationally and provides us opportunities to introduce our work to others through workplace giving campaigns across the nation. For more information, see Global Impact's website.

Global Washington

Global Washington is a broad-based membership association that promotes and supports the global development sector in the state of Washington. Global Washington comprises nonprofit organizations, foundations, businesses, and government and academic institutions that work collectively to build a more equitable and prosperous world. Global Washington convenes members to generate new opportunities for growth, strengthens member organizations to increase their impact, and advocates across key global development issues at the local, national, and global levels.

PATH has been involved in the Global Washington Steering Committee since its inception in 2006 and joined as an inaugural Global Washington member in 2008. PATH is a member and supporter of Global Washington because it believes in the vision of the state of Washington as a recognized center of influential and innovative global development activity where diverse groups work collectively to build a more equitable and prosperous world. For more information, see Global Washington's website.


InterAction is the largest alliance of US-based international development and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations. With more than 160 members operating in every developing country, InterAction works to overcome poverty, exclusion, and suffering by advancing social justice and basic dignity for all.

PATH joined InterAction in 2006. Membership provides us a way to interface with other international nonprofit relief and development organizations. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to raise visibility of international development issues and further policy and advocacy goals shared by PATH and other member organizations. PATH complies with the InterAction PVO Standards biennially through the InterAction Self-Certification Plus Process. For more information, see InterAction's website.

ONE Campaign

The ONE Campaign is an effort to rally Americans—one by one—to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. ONE is students and ministers, punk rockers and NASCAR moms, Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life, united to help make poverty history.

PATH is working with the ONE Campaign, in collaboration with the Global Health Council, to lead a global health campaign as part of ONE’s goal to raise awareness of issues related to extreme poverty. For more information, see the ONE Campaign's website.

Research!America The Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research

The Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research was established to increase awareness of—and make the case for greater US investment in—research to fight diseases that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest nations.

In 2006, PATH president and CEO Christopher J. Elias, MD, MPH, was selected to the inaugural class of Ambassadors in the Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research. The Society provides an opportunity for Dr. Elias to engage in public outreach and advocacy through meetings, speaking engagements, and a range of other community-level activities to connect with policymakers, opinion leaders, the media, and the public nationwide. For more information, see the Research!America website.

Schwab Foundation

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship provides unparalleled platforms at the country, regional, and global levels that highlight social entrepreneurship as a key element to advance societies and address social problems in an innovative and effective manner.

In January 2006, PATH president and CEO Christopher J. Elias, MD, MPH, was chosen by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship as the US Social Entrepreneur of the Year. As a member of the Schwab Foundation, Dr. Elias has the opportunity to engage with a large network of other social entrepreneurs, leaders of business, and heads of state at the annual Social Entrepreneurs’ Summit and the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. For more information, see the Schwab Foundation's website.

Washington Global Health Alliance

The goal of the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) is to enhance the strengths and increase the capacity of global health organizations by encouraging and creating opportunities for greater collaboration. The WGHA works to ensure that opportunities to streamline progress and form effective partnerships among global health professionals, academics, and public and corporate entities are fully realized. The WGHA’s three major areas of focus are Education, Training, and Mentoring; Research and Technology; and Communications and Advocacy (including public-private partnerships).

PATH is the organizing secretariat for the WGHA. The alliance’s other executive members include the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health, and Washington State University. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an advisory member. The WGHA expects to significantly expand the number of member institutions in 2008 and 2009. For more information, see the WGHA website.

World Affairs Council of Seattle

The World Affairs Council of Seattle, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, is the leading foreign affairs forum in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1951, the council’s purpose has been to promote greater understanding of global affairs around Puget Sound through a balance of public events, educational activities, and the international visitor program. Members of the council include schools, public institutions, businesses, and individuals who want firsthand information on global issues and direct participation in international exchange.

PATH is a member of the council because of its role in providing a forum for discussion of critical global issues, including global health. In more than 200 events per year, the council convenes groups of people in our region who are interested or passionate about global affairs.